Youth Culture Centre

Interior design & 3D visualization

A project of The Youth Culture Centre located at 79a Warszawska Street in Bialystok, functioning for over 30 years. The pavilion was built at the end of 1970s. In 1999, an extension with a gym was built to the edifice. In the following years, the gym owners have covered with buildings a considerable part of an unused courtyard. This project shows a concept of restoring the form of the building from the late 1970s and assigning the whole area to The Youth Culture Centre. The whole functional layout of the building was redesigned.

Major problems to solve were as follows: space organisation, improvement in communication between different parts of the building, and design of the atrium. The aim of the project, besides improving utility of the building, was to retain the original character of the edifice, which had been created in the second half of 1970s.


  • 550 m2