Bathroom in XS size – Competition | Kludi Armaturen

Interior design & 3D visualization

Third place

The third place in the “Bathroom in XS size” competition organised by the Kludi Armaturen company.

Participants in the competition were required to design a possibly smallest, but at the same time functional and ergonomic bathroom, using KLUDI products.

The minimum bathroom equipment: a basin, a wall-hung toilet, a shower or a bath. Designed for a residential dwelling.

Competition projects were judged in terms of:

  • coherence and originality of the project concept
  • technical formalities and the use of KLUDI products
  • feasibility of solutions
  • the manner of presenting the competition project

This project concerns a bathroom located in a studio apartment with a total area of 28 m2 and a mezzanine functioning as a bedroom. Usually it’s one or two people that live in an apartment of such size, therefore in the project, there were used transparent walls that delimit the area of the bathroom, optically enlarge the room, provide daylight, but also deprive users of privacy, indispensable e. g. for a family with teenage children. Thanks to the glazed walls, the bathroom is no longer claustrophobic. Steel sheets with a laser-cut geometric pattern were attached to the external surface of glass. The pattern gives an interesting chiaroscuro effect and diversifies the form. The sheets can be later changed to a new pattern, which favours an easy transformation of the interior. The wall system allows the use of different materials, more opaque than glass, such as: a two-way mirror (the reflective side outside), waterproof plywood, or drywall. It is also possible to cut in the sheet a pattern other than an openwork one. In this project, in the steel profile next to the toilet, glass was replaced by drywall.

The bathroom consists of three modules: the first one is composed of a toilet, a cupboard and a steel profile meant for towels; the second one – a basin and a mirror; the third one – a shower stall. The first two modules are lit with two lamps placed above the basin. The shower stall is lit with LED lights placed in the dropped ceiling. Colours were limited to black and white. Smooth surfaces finish off the walls, which intensifies a feeling of cleanliness and spaciousness in the bathroom.